County League Bye-Laws

Last updated - 09/08/2017 9:24am

1. a. All matches shall be played on a fixed Sunday date except in VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES and only with PRIOR APPROVAL of the Honorary League Secretary (Derek Rosier) and with the MUTUAL agreement of the other Club. Clubs failing to comply may be deducted four (4) points and fined up to a maximum of £50 at the

discretion of the Executive Council.

b. With the exception of Ipswich all Men’s League games will commence at 10a.m./10.30a.m. Ipswich home games will commence at 2.30 p.m.

c. With the exception of Ipswich all Mixed League games will ` commence at 2p.m. Ipswich home games will commence at 2.30p.m.

d. In Mixed County League games a variable start time INCLUDING Sunday morning is allowed but only by MUTUAL CONSENT by both teams.

2. Clubs will be divided into two Leagues EAST and WEST.

The winner of each League will play in a Final to determine

the County winner on a green nominated by the County President.

3. a. Clubs will be permitted to enter multiple sides in any one season. The side will consist of sixteen players playing in four rinks, two will play at home and two away.

b. Players WILL NOT be allowed to change sides, i.e. If a Club has more than one side in the League, after they have played for one side. Additional players may be added to each side as required.

c. For Mixed County League games each rink shall consist of two men and 2 ladies playing in any order

4. All games to be 21 ends for each rink

5. The home side shall pay all the rink fees.

6. a. Any dispute over the interpretation of these Bye Laws or over matters not covered by these Bye Laws shall be dealt with by the Honorary League Secretary.

b. Appeals against his decisions may be made to the ` Executive Council provided they are lodged with the Honorary Secretary, in writing, within 24 hours and accompanied by a £5 deposit, which will be refunded only if the appeal is considered justified by the Executive Council.

7. a. If before the start of a game a team finds they are a player short then the games shall still proceed, but in the defaulting team, the number of Bowls shall be made up by the Lead and Second player playing three bowls each, but 25% of the total shots scored by the defaulting team comprising of three players shall be deducted from their score at the end of the game.

b. In the case where a game has already started with four players and a player is unable to carry on, and no reserve is available then the defaulting team can play with three players as long as the one and two play with three matching bowls from the same set. The cards must be marked to indicate when they started to play with the three players so that 25% of score can be deducted from when they became three. Should a game have already started and the skip is unable to carry on and has to retire then a reserve cannot assume the position of skip, but may go into the team as a lead, second or third player.

c. If play is only possible at one venue, this result will stand and the other rinks shall be rearranged. Participants in the played game are ineligible to play in the rearranged game.

8. a. In each game seven (7) points shall be awarded. The side with the highest total shots shall be awarded three (3) points and one (1) point to each winning rink. In the event of the match or a rink finishing with the same number of shots the relative points will be equally divided.

b. If 2 or more sides finish level on points. The final league position will be determined in the following order:-

1. Shot difference. 2. Shots scored. 3. Most ends won.

c. In the Final the winners shall be the side with the HIGHEST number of shots.

d. The challenger for the Final will be decided prior to the start of the game by the toss of a coin, and the challenger

shall nominate a rink number which will denote the rink that shall play an extra end in the case of a tied game, before the draw for rinks is made.

9. Score cards, including the names of all the players, fully completed and signed by both skips MUST be forwarded to the Honorary League Secretary (Mr Derek Rosier) after the completion of the game.

10. Should a side play an ineligible player in any match then any points gained and shots scored by the rink in which the ineligible playerplayed will be deducted from the team’s final score and the result form of the match adjusted accordingly.

A player is ineligible if the team on the rink does not comply with Bye Law 3 e.g. a lady playing in a man’s match. Or a rink of 3 men and one lady or one man and 3 ladies for a mixed match, or a player contravenes Bye Law 3b by playing for a second side.

11. If a fixture has not been completed by the end of the season, and all avenues have been explored for playing the match, the County Executive shall determine the award of any points and/or penalty including financial penalty relating to the unfulfilled fixture.

12. a. Dress for all Men’s matches will be white shirts and grey trousers, brown, grey or white shoes.

b. Dress for all Mixed games, Ladies: white top, tailored grey trousers culottes or skirt and Club waistcoat. White,

brown or grey shoes. Men: white shirt and grey trousers, brown,grey or white shoes.

c. Finals: Ladies: white top, tailored white trousers, culottes or skirt and Club waistcoat, white, brown or grey shoes. Men: white shirt, white trousers, brown, grey or white shoes.

d. Up to and including the Finals, coloured shirts may be worn if registered with the EIBA Ltd and all players must wear the same coloured shirts.

13. If any Club enters two or more sides in one of the leagues

and one or more of these sides fails to complete their fixtures then the following season they may only be permitted to enter one fewer side in the league concerned. All games played between sides of one Club must be completed within the first half of the season but not later

than the 31st December. Any sides in default of this Bye Law will be deducted 4 points.

14. Mobile phones MUST NOT BE USED ON THE GREEN and should be turned off.